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The military school Boryviter provides free training for servicemen who will shortly be deployed to the battle areas. In 2022-2023, more than 20 000 students finished the school.
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Fixed-Wing UAVs training program

In November 2022, the Boryviter team started a training program titled “Fundamentals of using fixed-wing UAVs in military environments”. It is one of the most relevant and complicated training programs for the aerial reconnaissance units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other defense units.

ЗMIN Foundation helped the school to start two training programs from the scratch: Fixed-Wing UAVs Control and Basic Aviation Course, that novice pilots complete before starting UAV training. Also, with the assistance of ЗMIN, the school purchased training planes for the pilots training.

The Foundation ensures the sustainable existence and scaling of the training program by financing the instructors’ salaries, the purchase of laptops and other office equipment, necessary for the effective operation of the training program.

Also, the instructors of the Fixed-Wing UAVs training program design training aircraft to provide the school with a flight fleet of its own production.

The main goals set by the Fixed-Wing UAVs training program of the Boryviter military school:

  • ensuring high-quality training for the fixed-wing UAVs pilots guided by NATO standards and the combat experience of the Ukrainian army;
  • deployment of a platform for R&D in the field of fixed-wing UAVs;

creation of an expert community for the development of the fixed-wing UAV industry in Ukraine.


servicemen have successfully passed the Fixed-Wing UAVs training program


training UAVs (7 – purchased, 5 – produced)


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servicemen have successfully passed the Basic Aviation course


training programs Fixed-Wing UAVs and Basic Aviation Course