About us

ABOUT US RIPPLES – circles on the water that diverge when touched (impact).


among hundreds of other foundations, makes important impact locally and reactively, to set off long-term waves of change


informational campaign that adds publicity to the continuous systemic direction of support for the Defense Forces of Ukraine.

ЗMIN – a private foundation that works with the equity. We do not organize fund-raising campaigns. However, we do clearly understand that money can be turned into the effective resource, synergically with the network, where funds, volunteers, businesses, and military personnel are efficiently cooperating.

2022 was the year when we all bitterly experienced the extremes of a full-scale war.Keeping our balance between the directions of powerful systemic support of the Defense Forces and implementing our permanent long-term programs.

We boost up those players and directions that are connected to the ongoing context, simultaneously providing a possibility to acquire both knowledge and tools for strategic thinking forward.

This special project is a chance to archive what has been accomplished, share our active powerful projects that may turn into good practices for scaling and leave enough space for covering future directions of support of the Defense Forces.
Khrystyna Boyko
Director of ЗMIN
₴ 121 451 500+
Total sum of the equity investments since February 2022